Our Commitments - Why choosing to use our Natural Rambo Straws?

Our eco-responsible approach

As a specialist in sustainable and ecological straws, we aim to offer a set of natural, healthy and sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic straws that pollute our environment. Environmentally friendly, created by nature and handcrafted by us, you can adopt an eco-responsible, zero waste and zero plastic approach by replacing plastic straws through straws made from natural plants. In addition, plastic straws are difficult to recycle, and many of those straws can end up in nature. This is how 8 million tonnes of plastic waste is dumped every year in the seas of the globe, the equivalent of 250 pounds per second. Among these wastes, plastic straws hold a good place. This is why, we offer these alternatives to remedy them.

Thus, our society continually strives to make vegetable straws an example of eco-friendly responsibility.

Our commitment to respect the environment

Preserving the environment is one of our priorities. Our eco-responsible innovations respond to a global approach aimed at reducing the environmental impact of raw materials and packaging used while respecting the health of consumers. But beyond all that, there are always several hundred millions of plastic straws in our oceans; this is where our fight continues. We are committed to the NGO Tany Ifandovana which is a non-profit association, responsible for protecting the environment, the ocean, etc. NGO is very recently created by a group of young environmentalists, it brings together specialists in environmental and climate’s field.

Therefore, to ensure a sustainable future,we will donate 1 AR for each straw sold to the NGO Tany Ifandovana in order to support local communities to cultivate "rambo" thus participating in actions to adapt to climate change.