Rambo and Climate change

Rambo and Climate change

Biodegradable straws to fight against plastics by promoting “Rambo” or Lepironia articulata

The use of vegetable straws made from Lepironia articula known as “Rambo or Penjy ” (in Malagasy language) contribute to the fight for protecting our environment.

These plants can adapt to climate change effects and they are not threatened of extinction despite the fact that they are becoming increasingly rare with the scarcity of swamps. Lepironia articula are intended to be an available opportunities to Malagasy people as they constitute an important raw material for weaving hats, baskets or even mats. Most of women in Madagascar have always used these raw materials for weaving. This time we want to expand these activities to be more environmental objectives.

These plants are growing in marshy environments and known to preserve against erosion and can contribute to land’s restoration.

Mainly in developed countries, the eradication or reduction of the use of plastic straws is almost done. Madagascar is taking the same step via Lepironia Articula development project. According to environmentalists, plastics are considered one of the worst polluters in the world because millions of tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans every year due to poor management of household or municipal waste.

Our company is the first in Madagascar aiming to defend environmental causes by promoting "Rambo". Organic straws are therefore for us the best alternative options to those in plastic and contribute to the sustainable development of the local population and the protection of the environment.